goodform. Identity

Brand identity
Role: Creative Direction, Branding, Design, Motion

Goodform is a startup in the financial space aiming to make fund management painless. Their goal is to use smart programming to automate and smooth out some of the more tedious aspects of fund accounting and statement creation.

I worked with their founders to build a brand strategy, and developed a visual branding system for both marketing and product use.


A brand book is produced to provide visual identity guidelines for future uses of the brand.


Selected Works

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goodform. Identitycreative direction, branding, design

High Road Cycling Identitycreative direction, branding, design Homepage Redesigncreative direction, design

Under Armour Cam Newton Snapchat Gamecreative direction, design, motion

Nickelodeon Comic-Con Experiencecreative direction, experiential

Automattic x Tumblrmotion, design

The Tunnel Seriesmotion, computational art

The Rainbow Seriesmotion, computational art

The Spiral Seriesmotion, computational art

WordPress 15th Anniversarybranding, logo, design